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You're Making your Green Smoothie Wrong

Lisa Eberly


There are a few things I never skimp on, no matter how pressed for time I am. Those include: eating healthy, exercising, sleeping, and socializing at least twice per week. It’s a struggle to not come home after a very, very long day and sink into the couch with a frozen pizza, but it is so worth it.

Keeping up my healthy breakfast has been harder recently, since I’ve been waking up an hour earlier to add some time to my day by studying/cleaning/laundrying in the morning before working. I have been using some great hacks to make smoothie making faster in the AM that I thought I’d share!

Healthy smoothie hacks to save time in the morning!

  1.  Greens ice cubes! Once every few weeks, I’ll make a couple trays of greens ice cubes — I blend up spinach, kale, celery, and milk in the blender, then pour into cubes (or muffin trays!) and freeze! That way, in the morning, I just toss a few cubes into the blender, add some real fruit and greek yogurt, and go. You can do this with any smoothie ingredients. 
  2. Pre-made smoothie jars! On a Sunday night, line up 7 ziploc bags for the week or mason jars. Toss in all ingredients for each day, seal, and store! All you have to do in the morning is grab and blend! 
  3. Ditch ice. Ice just adds water to a smoothie, and trust me, the texture doesn’t need it if you’re using frozen fruits or veggies! It just adds time to drinking it! (Yes, the time crunch is getting THAT real…)
  4. Post-blending cleaning hack –> here. This is a MUST do!

PS - If you're into smoothies, you'd love The Nourish Cleanse