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Welcome welcome! I'm Lisa Eberly Mastela, MPH, RD (but you can call me Lees, Lisa, L-sizzle, or whatever suits your fancy). I am a public health and nutrition masters and registered dietitian in Los Angeles. I love adventures, cooking, yoga (read: yoga pants), and sunshine. 

I am a total science nerd. I grew up wanting to be a doctor to pursue my passion of helping and healing people with science.  I received a human and evolutionary biology degree from USC in 2013. There, while researching fasting for cancer and Alzheimer’s therapies, I realized that the best way to help people was through preventative medicine — food, sweat, and mindfulness. 

In blogging and learning about health, I was saddened by the overwhelming amount of education on the web and TV that was not based on science or medicine, but was created for profit or fame. There was a serious gap between the dense scientific journals I was reading and the latest fad diet on the blogs people were talking about. I wondered why there wasn't a place for everyone to find trustworthy and accurate information about their health from a licensed professional they can relate to and understand. I needed to fill that gap and become the professional the public could trust. 

Following this passion to make the world a healthier place, I went on to the University of Washington in 2013 to pursue my masters degree in public health and clinical nutrition, where I researched dietary interventions for diabetes patients and completed my clinical internship with cancer, stem cell transplant, and cardiac surgery patients. I obtained my registered dietitian license and completed a traineeship in pediatric pulmonary & high-risk infant nutrition. I then started a private practice and blog, Nourish, and later joined a scientific wellness start up that uses DNA, cortisol, and the microbiome to personalize clients' approaches to their wellness, called Arivale. I currently work at Arivale but this site and community is a personal one and is not reflective of their policies or beliefs.  

Through all this experience, two things became clear to me: 

1. Everyone was receiving too much advice about their wellness from all angles, all of which is conflicting, confusing, and not always accurate. 

2. I LOVED being a female entrepreneur and found that the busy BA women I was surrounding myself with were too busy crushing it to be able to keep up with all the wellness noise out there. 

Join those two and you've landed here. A community of like-minded women who are badass, busy, and want the no-BS, realistic answer to their wellness needs. Want to join us? Share your email to stay in the know!