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The Absolute Most Important Part of your Fall Workout

Lisa Eberly

Fall is always a busy time. People start getting into their productive groove again after enjoying summer. This usually means speeding up their workouts to make more time for work (or just to get back into a warm and cozy home!). Well, this may not be the smartest move...

This colder fall weather is really significant when it comes to our workouts, particularly outdoor ones. Our body runs at 98.6F at our core, but our extremities are subject to slightly colder temps when the weather is extra chilly. This means our muscles are not as warm as they are in summer. 

Working out with 'cooler' muscles puts you at higher risk of injury than warmer muscles. So, that's why we always 'warm up' before a workout. But, this warm up becomes twice as important when the temperature drops. Meanwhile, we start skipping it. So, make sure you stretch, stretch, stretch before you fall and winter workouts! Even if you think you won't be using that muscle, stretch it anyway! 

Additionally, a stretch is nothing without form and pace. Slow stretches with proper alignment are form are key for preventing injury. If you're stretching and not feeling it in the right muscles, try adjusting your form until you do! 

Keep your workouts safe and injury-free this fall! :)