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Mythbusting: the fat burning zone

Lisa Eberly


Let’s mythbust.

Myth: Working out at a lower intensity burns more fat, while working out at a higher intensity just burns carbs. Thus, you should workout at a low-moderate intensity (ex. walk or jog) to lose fat instead of a high intensity (run).


Working out at a low-moderate intensity burns a higher percent of fat relative to carbs.  However, it overall burns a lot less total compared to a high intensity.

Make sense?

So, if you’re working at a low intensity, you might be burning 60% fat and 40% carbs, and burn off around 100 calories of energy total. That’s 60 calories of fat.

If you’re working at a high intensity, you might burn around 40% fat and 60% carbs. But, you’re burning 400 calories total. That’s 160 calories of fat.

You would have to keep up that low-moderate intensity workout going for hours to compare to a quick, intense workout.

So the next time someone tells you to walk or jog lightly to burn off your fat instead of kick your butt in the gym, tell them NOPE. Get more bang for your buck, get intense.