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Avoiding the Plateau in your Workouts

Lisa Eberly

Have you ever gotten really into a workout and it's all totally vibing and then suddenly you're like okay it's been months and this ain't workin' for me anymore? This happened to me when I first got into yoga. I had never done yoga before, so naturally, when I when to my first few classes I was SORE. I was always a little sore and worked so hard in class (I loved both these aspects of it!), and then slowly started to see progress. I was able to do things in class #10 that I couldn't do in my first one, then I could do more in class #12, and so on. I could feel my body getting stronger and my yoga skills improving -- I LOVED this. But, after a little under a year of going to yoga almost daily, I hit a wall. I was going all the time, but I wasn't sore, and I wasn't improving. It was like I hit the glass ceiling of my yoga practice. I thought, Well, I guess I'm just never going to be one of those girls that goes upside down and looks all crazy and pretzel-y. I thought that was it for me, no more improving. After all, I was going DAILY. I couldn't exactly blame my lack of progress on not working hard enough. 

I hit my plateau. 

Good news is, I am a preztel-y upside down girl now. And I can tell you: it didn't happen in my yoga studio. 

When we repeat the same workout over and over, we hit a plateau. You need to work your other muscles in order to strengthen your body as a whole. As soon as I mixed a day or two of running and one weight training workout into my week, my now 4 day/week yoga practice soared. I was getting stronger by the week and improving on all fronts. 

So, switching up your workout every now and then is a really good thing. I like to use seasons to my advantage here. In winter, I'm all about indoor workouts: advanced hot power yoga and HIIT at the gym. In summer, it's less yoga and more running and stand up paddleboarding. In Spring, some hot yoga, some weights. In Fall, lots of long walks and yoga. 

Seasonal workouts keep you from hitting that plateau, they move you forward no matter what your primary goal is. They also give you a great opportunity to play with learning new skills or cultivating fun skills from childhood. For instance, our partnerships coordinator, Arin, is an amaze ice skater, so she takes up that sport in winter months. 

Also, if you're wondering where you can get those adorable workout pants she's in, they're made by our new favorite workout clothing company, Pins to Kill, which lets you...wait for it...DESIGN YOUR OWN YOGA PANTS. Yea, we were waaay into that. 

How to Make it to the Gym Daily...& what's in my gym bag

Lisa Eberly

Okay, so if I were to come home after work, sit on the couch to chill for a hot second, then go workout, I can almost guarantee that I will most definitely NOT be working out. 

I totally used to try that approach -- Oh I'm just going to rest for a minute here.... -- 20 minutes later I'm ordering a pizza and calling it a night (or getting very easily suckered into a happy hour). 

My approach to make it to the gym after work every day: never go home. 

When I leave around 7-8 in the morning, I'm GONE. I come home around 8:30 or 9 at night. 

I keep my energy up with things like yerba mate and energy bites, but what's really important to a busy day is keeping your hustle without showing your stress. This requires some ammunition. The bag. 

I always carry a tote or cute backpack with all the essentials for my busy day. Most notably, my things to transition from work to gym to dinner (in whatever order) without breaking a sweat. 

Here are my necessary items for a busy bag: 

1. Dove Dry Spray deodorant - spray is key now, especially if I'm slipping into a LBD while running out of the yoga studio. Roll ons just get white stuff EVERYWHERE, amirightt? And let's be real, deodorant is at the top of my list because no one loves: pit stains, stinky cubicles, or choking on perfume. 

2. A cute sports bra - I am a neutral tones kind of girl, but yoga and gym time is my time to shine. Bright colors, cool patterns, you name it. 

3. Headphones - long walks between work, gym, and home call for Audible (currently listening to A Short History of Nearly Everything) or Duolingo (currently learning to speak Polish). Walking to bus stops and/or work/gym/home are amazing times to boost productivity, particularly in areas outside of work and social lives. This includes creative outlets, hobbies, and joyful things, like reading, podcasts, learning new skills or topics, and more! 

4. Water - because, I mean, hydrate. #1 rule in life: drink water all day. 

5. Note pad and pen - I always keep a notepad on me because it's still my favorite way to jot down things to remember. Brilliant idea? Notepad. Grocery list on the go? Notepad. Giving a good book or health tip recommendation to your Uber driver? Notepad. 

6. Nourish promo products - you never know who you might meet who will need a logoed grocery bag or EOS lipbalm. 

7. Lipbalm - the EOS balm smells so good I could eat it. In fact, once my niece ATE my EOS lipbalm. So in case you're wondering, they're edible too. 

8. ALOHA tea and powdered greens to keep me running on high throughout the day. 

9. Yoga mat - in case I need to stop, drop, and downward dog. My office has this amazing happiness/balance room where I can do some yoga in the middle of the day. Always having a mat on you when you're a practicing yogi is really something quite nice. 

10. My planner (not pictured) - my planner isn't in this photo because it's literally never a few feet away from me. I was likely writing in it while this photo was taken. Live and breathe by the planner. 

What's in your bags? I'm sure I'm missing a lot....spill!! :) 

Photos by Tania Arceo

The Holiday Movie Workout Game

Lisa Eberly

Okay so a couple years ago I posted this game on my previous blog, The Skinny on Health. It not only kept me in shape throughout all the holiday lounging around I did, but my readers loved it! Total hit. Now that it’s pouring daily and we’re cozied up watching holiday movies again, I’m bringing it back around for round two! 

Yes, yes, holiday drinking games are fun, but they won’t tone your tushie! This game will AND it involves watching some of the best movies ever.

If your favorite Christmas movie isn’t on this list, here are the rules: Do 10 squats every time someone says “Christmas” or wears a santa hat.

So hop to it! If you do one of these workouts, post a photo and tag us in it so we can support your awesomeness and repost! (Bonus points if you can get a family member or two to do it with you!) :)

Happy holidays!

How much working out is too much?

Lisa Eberly

Not sure how to workout without burning out? 

Today, people can get a little intense about their workout. In fact, crazy workouts and exercise schedules is becoming the norm. 

Many of my clients are reporting working out upwards of 5-6 times per week for over an hour at a time and you know what? They aren't seeing results. 

Instead, they're seeing: injuries. sleep problems. missed social events. fatigue. 

I've got some surprising news for you: overdoing it at the gym can not only hinder your progress, but can actually lead to reversing progress and packing on pounds from fat. Dr. Holly Parker, personal trainer and PhD at Harvard (heard of it?), has found that “The benefits you want from working out—getting leaner, stronger, healthier—reverse when you don’t take breaks.”

The science works in three ways:

1. You actually see the benefits from exercise during the recovery stage. While working out, muscle fibers tear (teeny tiny tears), and once healed, they build muscles. However, if you're constantly tearing the muscles without the healing in between, the tears can build up, and changes in tone and strength can't happen. 

2. Exercising too much puts stress on your body, which increases cortisol levels. This hormone, cortisol, promotes fat build up and weight gain AND --wait for it -- INHIBITS the hormones necessary to build strength and muscle. So working out too much literally prevents muscles from toning and strengthening. 

3. Metabolism slows. Increasing lean body mass helps increase metabolism, leading to increased calorie burning throughout the day. However, too much exercise without enough calories to support it makes the body want to hold on to any calories it gets, slowing your metabolism. 

Here at Nourish, we recommend working out in 30-60 minute sessions, 3-5 times per week max. If your sessions are intense, daily back to 3 per week for maximum results. If less intense, feel comfortable 5 times per week. 

If you're unsure about managing your workouts, or are feeling anxiety about changing up your schedule, please book an appointment with us to chat it out and get you in a good groove! 

Frankenstein Thighs

Lisa Eberly

This. Exercise. Is. The. Bomb. Dot. Com.

So my mom suddenly has killer legs. Don’t get me wrong, my mom is a total babe, but her legs have been looking especially fantastic (and I come from a long line of not-so-fantastic legs). The biggest difference in her legs was that her thighs looked longer and thinner, not bulky and muscular like our genetically-challenged thighs tend to do after working out.

I obviously immediately asked her what she’d been doing to get these lean dancer thighs.

Oh, do they look different? I’ve only been doing one leg workout recently, frankenstein walks!

Well, I had to jump on that train.

To get these killer thighs (I WISH I had a picture of the difference, I just don’t want to showcase my mother’s legs on here. You’re welcome, mom.), you walk….like frankenstein.*


-Stand up straight. Hands on your hips.

-Lift one leg in front of you, slowly, knee straight. Hold. (Don’t try to get your leg way up high here, it’s much more important to keep your hips aligned and posture upright. Slowly lift your leg until you can’t, no higher than hip level. You shouldn’t look like a Rockette.)

-Slowly bring your leg back down.

-Repeat on the other side.

If you’re bummed you aren’t getting your leg up high, don’t sweat it. After practice, your legs will get higher from building strength in your thighs rather than flexibility in your hips.

A more advanced option? Hold your arms out in front of you like a zombie and moan brainsssss. 

Just kidding. Lifting your standing leg heel off the floor will give this exercise an extra kick in the tush.

*…or any zombie of your choosing.

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 3.17.28 PM.png