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Avoiding the Plateau in your Workouts

Lisa Eberly

Have you ever gotten really into a workout and it's all totally vibing and then suddenly you're like okay it's been months and this ain't workin' for me anymore? This happened to me when I first got into yoga. I had never done yoga before, so naturally, when I when to my first few classes I was SORE. I was always a little sore and worked so hard in class (I loved both these aspects of it!), and then slowly started to see progress. I was able to do things in class #10 that I couldn't do in my first one, then I could do more in class #12, and so on. I could feel my body getting stronger and my yoga skills improving -- I LOVED this. But, after a little under a year of going to yoga almost daily, I hit a wall. I was going all the time, but I wasn't sore, and I wasn't improving. It was like I hit the glass ceiling of my yoga practice. I thought, Well, I guess I'm just never going to be one of those girls that goes upside down and looks all crazy and pretzel-y. I thought that was it for me, no more improving. After all, I was going DAILY. I couldn't exactly blame my lack of progress on not working hard enough. 

I hit my plateau. 

Good news is, I am a preztel-y upside down girl now. And I can tell you: it didn't happen in my yoga studio. 

When we repeat the same workout over and over, we hit a plateau. You need to work your other muscles in order to strengthen your body as a whole. As soon as I mixed a day or two of running and one weight training workout into my week, my now 4 day/week yoga practice soared. I was getting stronger by the week and improving on all fronts. 

So, switching up your workout every now and then is a really good thing. I like to use seasons to my advantage here. In winter, I'm all about indoor workouts: advanced hot power yoga and HIIT at the gym. In summer, it's less yoga and more running and stand up paddleboarding. In Spring, some hot yoga, some weights. In Fall, lots of long walks and yoga. 

Seasonal workouts keep you from hitting that plateau, they move you forward no matter what your primary goal is. They also give you a great opportunity to play with learning new skills or cultivating fun skills from childhood. For instance, our partnerships coordinator, Arin, is an amaze ice skater, so she takes up that sport in winter months. 

Also, if you're wondering where you can get those adorable workout pants she's in, they're made by our new favorite workout clothing company, Pins to Kill, which lets you...wait for it...DESIGN YOUR OWN YOGA PANTS. Yea, we were waaay into that.