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The Community Blog

Healthy snacks that fit YOUR goal

Lisa Eberly

Note: this post is an extension of my weekly newsletter talking about how to eat healthier snacks at work. Want the full scoop? Get it in your inbox! 


No matter your goal, there is a work snack for you - I promise. Tell Tina she can keep her donuts, you're covered on the snack front. Here are my go-to's for different health goals...


Your goal: to stay alert and energized

To keep energy up and prevent the afternoon crash, protein is your bestie. Try some of these: 

  • An apple and/or a brown rice cake with natural peanut butter or almond butter (SO easy to keep at your desk and assemble!)
  • Hard boiled eggs (need a work-fridge to keep these in)
  • Whole wheat or quinoa crackers with hummus (if you have a fridge at work to use, you can also so baby carrots or celery and hummus) 
  • Salmon jerky or turkey jerky 
  • Turkey roll ups — lay a slice of deli turkey out, spread with hummus or mashed avocado, add a slice of cucumber, tomatoes, and/or lettuce, roll up into a little wrap! (needs a work fridge)
  • Tuna salad (made with mashed avocado and olive oil instead of mayo! - needs a work fridge) 
  • Greek yogurt (my favorite go-to is actually an Icelandic yogurt, Siggi's!) and berries (Needs a work fridge) 
  • Nuts (stick to one handful or less at a time, I liked the pinked option since it's pre-portioned and doesn't have any high-sugar dried fruit!) 
  • Energy bites (great for a sweet tooth!) 
  • Edamame (or roasted edamame!)
  • Roasted chickpeas (or these amaze chickpea puffs!!) 
  • Chia seed pudding (great for a sweet tooth!) 


Your goal: to eat on-the-go

Not interested in eating a snack at your desk? Spend a lot of time in the car or walking between meetings and need a snack that can keep up with your pace? Try these: 


Your goal: to lose weight

Snacking when trying to lose weight is super controversial. Some say to snack more, others say less. When it comes to weight loss, stay tuned for a deeper dive from me later this year (if you are like YASS MAKE IT SOONER, email me right now to let me know and I’ll speed it up!) Weight loss friendly snacks are low calorie, high fiber, and filling, like these: 

  • An apple, orange, grapefruit, pear, plum, or berries 
  • Celery sticks, baby carrots, bell peppers, or cucumber with hummus, guacamole, or a nonfat Greek yogurt dip (needs a work fridge!)  
  • One handful of edamame 
  • Air popped popcorn (this is literally the best popcorn ever)
  • A hardboiled egg (needs a work fridge!) 
  • Tuna salad (made with mashed avocado and olive oil instead of mayo! - needs a work fridge) 


Your goal: to not meal prep

Not all packaged snacks are terrible for you, but it is important to keep an eye on the nutrition label to make sure they’re packed with real ingredients and healthy oils. Here are some of my favorites: 


Am I missing any?! What are your favorite work snacks? 

- L

My must-have essentials for getting amazing sleep

Lisa Eberly

Note: this post is an extension of my weekly newsletter talking about getting better quality sleep in fewer hours. Want the full scoop? Get it in your inbox! For more on sleep, take the quiz to find out exactly which strategy you should be trying to improve your sleep.  

Sometimes ya need some help to get the best sleep possible. Here are my tried and true must-haves for sleeping deeper, longer, and better. It basically comes down to: a great eye mask and earplugs, glasses to block blue light, quality oils and a diffuser, a white noise machine, and my fave sleep supplement. 

Take the quiz: what do YOU need to improve your sleep?

Lisa Eberly

The most fun ways to fit working out into your day

Lisa Eberly

Note: this post is an extension of my weekly newsletter talking about making exercise happen for you. Want the full scoop? Get it in your inbox! For more on making workouts fun, check out My favorite free, fast, at-home workouts for any occasion.  

To make working out happen, it needs to bring you joy. Plain and simple. If it doesn’t bring you joy, you’re doing the wrong workout. If you feel like you have to convince yourself to workout or drag your butt to a class, it’s time to reassess. Reassessing? Here are some ideas to get you started. Try out a few of these options to just make more MOVING through the day enjoyable.

  1. Blast some guilty pleasure songs while cooking or cleaning and DANCE IT OUT. Heck, dance it out AND sing it out. Cooking and tidying up are every day chores (and every day annoyances for some people), so turning up the tunes and having some fun grooving while doing it is a great way to make them go faster AND fit a workout in (hello multitasking). 
  2. Going for a brisk walk with a family member, friend, spouse, or pup. Getting outside into fresh air and (hopefully) sunshine - especially in Spring and Summer - is SO good for you, and can boost mood and energy in more ways than one. Interacting with your partner (this is a great way to start the day or connect when you guys finish the work day), a friend (helloooo quality time that doesn’t break the bank like brunch does), or your pup (who will be SO happy to be on a walk), will bring you so much joy you won’t even realize you’re working out. The walk could even be just 10 minutes, and you can walk briskly to turn up the intensity. 
  3. Morning routine multitasking — attach small workout moves to your usual morning routine to give you an extra energy boost to start the day. Ideas: do 20 squats while brushing your teeth, stand on one leg while putting on make up, do kitchen counter push ups while waiting for your tea to boil or bread to toast, do a 30 second wall sit in the shower, and/or do 20 high knees while getting dressed. Moving like that before you even get out the door will give you a huge boost of energy, and add some excitement to your every day morning tasks. It’ll also make a big workout feel like no biggie. (For more on morning routines, get my daily checklist!)
  4. Make the workout the social event. Trying to plan something fun with friends over the weekend? Skip the coffee date or lunch. Go for a hike, play tennis, take a workout class together, do something active. That way, you’ll be hanging out with friends and enjoying yourself while knocking out your workout for the day. 
  5. Join a team. There are so many apps, like Meet Up, that connect adults trying to have fun while working out. There’s a team for everything from volleyball to capture the flag. Find your favorite childhood sport, make some new friends, and have a blast. 

Am I missing any?! What are your ideas for actually enjoying working out?? 

- L

My favorite free, fast, at-home workouts for any occasion

Lisa Eberly

Note: this post is an extension of my weekly newsletter talking about making exercise happen for you. Want the full scoop? Get it in your inbox! For more on making workouts fun, check out The most fun ways to fit working out into your day. 

There are SO many options online when it comes to fast, free, at-home workouts. So, it can actually be more overwhelming than helpful looking for one to try out. If you have one in mind, go for it! If you’re stumped, here is my list of go-tos: 

1. For when you really only have less than 10 minutes…

2. For when you wanna tone your tush, but only have 3 minutes…

3. For when you want to tone your tush, but under 15 minutes (and also want to feel like you’re on the beach)…

4. For when you want to work out AND entertain your kiddos with some fun dancing (warning: you will sweat, feel like Beyonce, AND be done in 5 minutes)…

5. For when you just need to dance it out, want to immediately feel sexy, and only have 20 minutes…

6. For when you want legs for days (but don’t want to leave your house or workout for more than 12 minutes)…

7. For a full-body pilates butt kicking in less than 20 minutes…

8. For when you’ve been gifted 30 minutes and love Pilates classes…

9. For when need someone to kick your butt (video is an hour, but you probably won’t be able to complete it all the first couple times, so you can break it up into 10-20 minute intervals through the week)…

10. For when you want a six-pack in 8 minutes (and want a HILARIOUS throwback — it’s a classic for a reason)…

11. For the yogi (this one is longer, but you can only do half of it, or space it out throughout the day)…

12. For some HIIT in 15 minutes (and a great view)…

13. For another 15 minute HIIT option (warning, this needs some music to get energy up!)…

14. For when you want a no fuss full-body workout in 15 minutes… (not a video, just click here!) 


If you try one of these out, let me know how it goes! Share your experience in the comments below or by emailing me at! 

- L

Absolute must-have tools for achieving balance

Lisa Eberly

Note: this post is an extension of my weekly newsletter talking about achieving balance in your life. Want the full scoop? Get it in your inbox! For more on balance, check out My top 5 strategies to improve balance and Why I don't "balance" the weekends

Sometimes, balancing your life requires some help. Here are my must-have tools to help you achieve the most balanced life possible -- 

Tools you already have:

  1. Your phone alarm (this gem is great for time blocking!) 
  2. Google calendar (hi color coding) 
  3. Airplane mode and Do Not Disturb features on your phone  

Tools you might not have:

For time blocking (and becoming a productivity wizard)....

A suuuuper cute and functional planner for the no nonsense hustler.... (why I love it: lightweight, paperback, great space for organizing your day/week AND making it your own)

For endless inspiration from other BA ladies....

For color coding your planner...and literally everything in your life...

A planner for the inspo-lover... (why I love it: has space for a daily to do list AND calendar/notes, has plenty of inspiring quotes along the way and looks good on any desk, lightweight/paperback too)

For great inspiration to start recognizing and prioritizing the important things in your life if you're not sure where to start....

Already checked out one of these? Have tools you LOVE to keep you balanced? Comment below to share! 

- L

My top 5 strategies to improve balance in your life

Lisa Eberly

Note: this post is an extension of my weekly newsletter talking about achieving balance in your life. Want the full scoop? Get it in your inbox! For more on balance, check out Why I don't "balance" the weekends and My absolute must-have tools for achieving balance.
  1. Set tangible boundaries. Boundaries can help you associate certain tasks with certain locations and creates rules that makes it easier to have consistency and motivation. For instance, my phone is not allowed in my bedroom. I used to say I’d go to bed early, and then get on my phone in bed and scroll until like midnight (achieving nothing, not going to bed early, and just feeling guilty and bad about myself for not following through on my goal). So, I set a clear boundary — removed the phone charger from the bedroom and put it in the kitchen, and didn’t allow myself to even carry my phone into the bedroom. Phone-free zone of the house. Since then, I sleep like a baby, go to bed earlier, and read in bed rather than scroll. Other ideas for you: email boundaries (ex. no checking email until after you’ve completed your morning routine or no emails after your drive home from work), or setting timers for social media or TV (there are apps to help with this!).  
  2. Utilize natural divides in your day. Your drive, your lunch break, putting kids to bed, finishing dinner, etc are all natural dividers in your day. Break down how many clear ‘divides’ there are in your day, then think about what you’d like to utilize them for. The drive home from work can be great self-care time with an audiobook (so your boundary is: if I’m driving home from work, then I’m listening to a great audiobook), post-dinner can be great family time (boundary: no phone/email after dinner, only quality time with family), lunch break can be great for a walk (boundary: I will eat lunch away from my desk and not return until I’ve gotten 2,000 steps). 
  3. Say no. Let me guess: you’ve heard this before! Saying no is POWERFUL and can help you be more realistic about your day rather than stretched. Practice saying no to at least one commitment you don’t want to do per week. If you don’t have one, try saying no to a task you have on your personal to do list. It’s empowering to say no if it means you’re serving yourself and your balance, and will make you feel great, I promise. Look at your to do list right now, pick one thing on it that doesn’t have to get done, and cross it off. Ahh, doesn’t that feel good? Now you have less on your plate and more time for the things you actually have to do. 
  4. Color code. Whether your to do list/calendar/planner is on paper or on the computer, using colors can help you recognize whether or not your day is balanced. If every day includes every color, you’ve achieved balance. I have 5 colors: work (light blue), side hustle (dark blue), self-care (orange), social/home (green), and my soon-to-be daughter (pink) [in case you haven’t seen, I’m due in June!]. Every week day, I make sure all the colors are there. Take prenatal vitamins/do pregnancy squats/etc are in pink, spin class/time block for an at-home facial/going for a long walk are in orange, dinner with friends/grocery shopping are in green, etc etc. If every color isn’t there, I know in advance my day isn’t balanced. 
  5. Space and time block. Time blocking is popular and great for balance and productivity (work on one task for X amount of time and then break), but for balance I recommend both time and space blocking, ie. never be in one space or on one task for too long. Anyone ever sit at their desk in the morning and all the sudden it’s 4 and you’ve barely moved? You could use space blocking. Set an alarm on your phone to go off every 2 hours, when it does, move to a new space and work on a different task. This is great for balance during the work day, so you’re not just slumped at the same chair all day. Maybe go to an office break room or lounge or nearby coffee shop for some fresh air, go run the stairs at your office building, or even a quick walk around the block. Taking these mental and physical breaks during the day help you feel more balanced overall, since you’re not in the same spot for too long. 


Which tips are you going to try? Want more help balancing your life? Join the community for support! 

- L

Why I don’t “balance” the weekends

Lisa Eberly

Note: this post is an extension of my weekly newsletter talking about achieving balance in your life. Want the full scoop? Get it in your inbox! For more on balance, check out My top 5 strategies to improve balance in your life and My absolute must-have tools for achieving balance.

When it comes to hustling and making moves, it requires working the weekend sometimes. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, moving up in your career, building a side hustle, etc, it takes time and work, and weekends quickly become an extension of the week, am I right? 

I used to be a total workaholic. This isn’t a bad thing at all - I LOVE what I do and working is fun for me, so it’s easy to work the weekend. The trouble comes when trying to achieve balance in life — once you start to build a social life, a relationship, a family, ‘me’ time, and other ‘life’ things into the equation.

So, I created a special “boundary” in my life — I do not work…I repeat, I do NOT work, at least one completely full day of the weekend. And I mean NO work. No errands, no emails, no metrics, NADA. Work does not exist to me for at least one full weekend day. Additionally, no house work, no to do lists, no color coding, no alarms, no laundry. I mean it — NADA.

What do I do? I spend quality time with my husband and family, I make plans with friends, I go to fun workout classes, go out to dinner, go on adventures, you name it. All normal weekend things, but the entire day is sacred and free from any type of work whatsoever. No checking emails while waiting for a table, no quick phone meeting on the way to yoga, no scrolling metrics while watching TV. I actually also put my phone on Do Not Disturb for most of the day if I can (exception: waiting on personal texts regarding said fun activities of the day!). This brings me into the new week completely refreshed, and gives me time to truly connect with loved ones with work far away from my brain. 

Okay, okay, but what about the other weekend day? This is up to you. If things are slow and I feel like I can draw this fun out for two days, absolutely go for it. Typically, that’s not always possible. So, one day works for me, and the other is about 1/3 personal errands and to dos (laundry, meal prep, Target runs), 1/3 side hustle time, and 1/3 fun personal time (I typically save my self-care for this day, so this time is spend reading or doing something else I enjoy to relax). 

Try it out this weekend — you and your business will survive, and maybe even come out and thrive from it!

- L