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The most fun ways to fit working out into your day

Lisa Eberly

Note: this post is an extension of my weekly newsletter talking about making exercise happen for you. Want the full scoop? Get it in your inbox! For more on making workouts fun, check out My favorite free, fast, at-home workouts for any occasion.  

To make working out happen, it needs to bring you joy. Plain and simple. If it doesn’t bring you joy, you’re doing the wrong workout. If you feel like you have to convince yourself to workout or drag your butt to a class, it’s time to reassess. Reassessing? Here are some ideas to get you started. Try out a few of these options to just make more MOVING through the day enjoyable.

  1. Blast some guilty pleasure songs while cooking or cleaning and DANCE IT OUT. Heck, dance it out AND sing it out. Cooking and tidying up are every day chores (and every day annoyances for some people), so turning up the tunes and having some fun grooving while doing it is a great way to make them go faster AND fit a workout in (hello multitasking). 
  2. Going for a brisk walk with a family member, friend, spouse, or pup. Getting outside into fresh air and (hopefully) sunshine - especially in Spring and Summer - is SO good for you, and can boost mood and energy in more ways than one. Interacting with your partner (this is a great way to start the day or connect when you guys finish the work day), a friend (helloooo quality time that doesn’t break the bank like brunch does), or your pup (who will be SO happy to be on a walk), will bring you so much joy you won’t even realize you’re working out. The walk could even be just 10 minutes, and you can walk briskly to turn up the intensity. 
  3. Morning routine multitasking — attach small workout moves to your usual morning routine to give you an extra energy boost to start the day. Ideas: do 20 squats while brushing your teeth, stand on one leg while putting on make up, do kitchen counter push ups while waiting for your tea to boil or bread to toast, do a 30 second wall sit in the shower, and/or do 20 high knees while getting dressed. Moving like that before you even get out the door will give you a huge boost of energy, and add some excitement to your every day morning tasks. It’ll also make a big workout feel like no biggie. (For more on morning routines, get my daily checklist!)
  4. Make the workout the social event. Trying to plan something fun with friends over the weekend? Skip the coffee date or lunch. Go for a hike, play tennis, take a workout class together, do something active. That way, you’ll be hanging out with friends and enjoying yourself while knocking out your workout for the day. 
  5. Join a team. There are so many apps, like Meet Up, that connect adults trying to have fun while working out. There’s a team for everything from volleyball to capture the flag. Find your favorite childhood sport, make some new friends, and have a blast. 

Am I missing any?! What are your ideas for actually enjoying working out?? 

- L