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Absolute must-have tools for achieving balance

Lisa Eberly

Note: this post is an extension of my weekly newsletter talking about achieving balance in your life. Want the full scoop? Get it in your inbox! For more on balance, check out My top 5 strategies to improve balance and Why I don't "balance" the weekends

Sometimes, balancing your life requires some help. Here are my must-have tools to help you achieve the most balanced life possible -- 

Tools you already have:

  1. Your phone alarm (this gem is great for time blocking!) 
  2. Google calendar (hi color coding) 
  3. Airplane mode and Do Not Disturb features on your phone  

Tools you might not have:

For time blocking (and becoming a productivity wizard)....

A suuuuper cute and functional planner for the no nonsense hustler.... (why I love it: lightweight, paperback, great space for organizing your day/week AND making it your own)

For endless inspiration from other BA ladies....

For color coding your planner...and literally everything in your life...

A planner for the inspo-lover... (why I love it: has space for a daily to do list AND calendar/notes, has plenty of inspiring quotes along the way and looks good on any desk, lightweight/paperback too)

For great inspiration to start recognizing and prioritizing the important things in your life if you're not sure where to start....

Already checked out one of these? Have tools you LOVE to keep you balanced? Comment below to share! 

- L