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Nutrition & Yoga in Seattle

Lisa Eberly


Hi all!

I’m so excited to announce a collaboration with LEAGUE, Urban Yoga Spa, and Nourish for 2016! This will allow all of you in Seattle to benefit from the services of each of us at a very (very!) low price.

Here’s the deal:

Every month, you get…

- Unlimited yoga at Urban Yoga Spa downtown (you can find me there daily!)

- 2 one-on-one nutrition coaching sessions with me!

- 1 nutrition class with me!

- Access to all of LEAGUE’s wellness experts

...all for only $129 per month.


Okay, so unlimited yoga is typically $120 per month, 2 appointments with me is about $200 per month, a class is $25….and you get all of that for only $129. 


So, if you’re in Seattle, now is your chance to book! The program starts January 25th, so book today!! Coupon code for the $129 price point is "goseattle"!


Sign up on League here!

New Years Resolutions

Lisa Eberly

Hey team! 

Raise your hand if you made a new years resolution! 

I've done resolutions in the past, and I've skipped them in the past. I’ve stuck to some and not to others. 

I definitely figured out one things for sure: if I’m trying to fulfill a resolution totally solo it ain’t happening. 

This year, P and I are cutting out red meat (due to all the research that came out this fall!). It’ll be super easy and manageable for us, since we really don’t eat red meat anyway. That is, until summer BBQs and family holidays…

We have other resolutions as well. He plans to bake fresh bread regularly (yes please), I plan to carve out more ‘me’ time (aka a few minutes at least every day just for myself, no work or chores), and a few other small things. 

The benefit of tackling resolutions as a team is that we can keep each other accountable. If I see he hasn’t made bread in a few days, I can hint to wanting bread; if he sees I’m working till all hours of the night, he can send me out for a solo walk with my book. 

This is actually one thing I love about my job. I get to help people be more accountable to reach their goals. Pretty dope. I get to help people achieve their resolutions. Best job ever, right? 

I really freaking love what I do, which makes my job the absolute best. Because of this, I created a whole special package for New Years. 


So many people have major resolutions — sleep better, have more energy, complete a triathlon, lose weight, gain muscle, etc — I get to be the person who holds them accountable and makes them more successful. 

I’m basically the fairy godmother of new years resolutions. 

On that note, if you have any sort of health resolution, I have only a couple spots left for my new years resolution package! I guarantee we make your big goals more accessible and reach them together. Act fast, we've only got 2 spots left! :)