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Nutrition & Yoga in Seattle

Lisa Eberly


Hi all!

I’m so excited to announce a collaboration with LEAGUE, Urban Yoga Spa, and Nourish for 2016! This will allow all of you in Seattle to benefit from the services of each of us at a very (very!) low price.

Here’s the deal:

Every month, you get…

- Unlimited yoga at Urban Yoga Spa downtown (you can find me there daily!)

- 2 one-on-one nutrition coaching sessions with me!

- 1 nutrition class with me!

- Access to all of LEAGUE’s wellness experts

...all for only $129 per month.


Okay, so unlimited yoga is typically $120 per month, 2 appointments with me is about $200 per month, a class is $25….and you get all of that for only $129. 


So, if you’re in Seattle, now is your chance to book! The program starts January 25th, so book today!! Coupon code for the $129 price point is "goseattle"!


Sign up on League here!