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The Books Every Girl Needs

Lisa Eberly


It's October. Which in Seattle translates to: time to stay in every night and curl up on the couch with a good book and hot chocolate. Or, if it's morning (which can be confusing here, as in the fall/winter there's no sunrise or set, just gray rise and gray set), a good book and coffee.

So I am a big reader. I love reading. There's something so romantic and special about growing or learning from looking at an amalgamation of someone else's thoughts and stories. I mean, yea, you can get that from reading a textbook or a blog or reading anything, really, but there's just something about reading a book that gets me. I seriously still can look at a book, just look at it, and my mind is blown by how much life/adventure/truth/depth is inside that small space comprised of just paper and ink.

Now that I've creeped you out with the extent of how dorky I am, moving on.

I read really different books. Novels, biographies, lifestyle/nutrition, funny, serious, the list goes on. I've recently read a lot of great books and decided to put together a list of the books I think every successful, driven, and downright awesome woman should read. They are either about success, anthropology, love, or life in general. Many are even fictional stories. These books will drive your passions, inspire you, and lead you toward success in all aspects, whether directly or indirectly, many of them accidentally. Well, at least they have for me.


(PS - you can click the photo of any book to see more about it!)

What books are you reading? Share!