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5 Surefire Ways to Mess up your Lifestyle Change

Lisa Eberly


Changing your lifestyle isn't easy, especially when it's intentional and you have a goal in mind. I have shared some tips on what you need to be successful and the steps you need to take before starting, so here's a list of what you should definitely not do...

1. Dive into a fad. Fad diets totally stink. Don’t buy into false promises of “quick” weight loss, because let me tell you, being a changing your weight is not all that easy. It requires commitment to a real change, and diving head first into whatever the latest celebrity tells you is not how to get it.

2. Wing it. Even if you know you’re not going to follow strict rules and restrictions, you’re going to need something to keep your goals measurable. Otherwise, you have no way of knowing if you’re even doing anything worth while. By saying you’re going to just wing it and start eating healthy and working out without any structure, you’re likely to revert back to an unhealthy lifestyle before you even notice.

3. Play the Hunger Games. Our bodies are typically hungrier around the holidays (like right now!), we quickly grow accustomed to eating our body weight in cookies and delicious foods, and take in more calories than usual. By following this with starvation and calorie restriction, you’re likely going to drive your willpower crazy and find yourself elbow deep in a pint of ice cream or tin of leftover Halloween candy or pumpkin pie.

4. Wait till the 1st to work out. I feel like this strange time in between pumpkin spice lattes and New Years Day is considered a free pass when it comes to all responsibility. It is super relaxed, everyone is prepping for and enjoying the holidays, and no one really has anything super important to do till January hits and we all go back to our PSL-empty normal. Many people use this time to curl up indoors, as well as a precious time to not work out. The 1st of January is the ultimate “Monday.” You know, “my diet starts on Monday..” Well, starting the official 2014 New You can start on the 1st, but you shouldn’t totally neglect your body until then. Cause, really, what are you waiting for? 

5. Eat for Family and Friends. Eating is an extremely social thing, especially this time of year. I am a total culprit of this as well. If my whole family is stoked for dinner and I’m not hungry, guess what? I’m eating dinner. If my friends are all going out for brunch but I’m still full from a post workout snack, guess what? I’m going to that brunch and eating with them. If you’re not hungry, you shouldn’t eat! There’s nothing wrong with ordering a small broth-y soup or simple salad, or even saying you’ll pick off your brother and sister’s meals when you’re not hungry. What’s even better than this is to plan for your meals ahead of time so as not to get yourself in this situation. If you know your family discussed dinner, don’t eat a late lunch. If you know you don’t have a big appetite in the morning, suggest a late lunch instead of brunch.

As always, I'm here to help you avoid these mistakes and be successful in your lifestyle changes! Do any of you have ideas for other 'dieting' mistakes to avoid?