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#FutureFriday: Goals & Dreams

Lisa Eberly


New year, new editions of Future Friday! Future Friday is the insightful and intelligent ramblings of Arin, one of Nourish’s esteemed team members. To read the first Future Friday, click here.

PS - Arin didn't even know this, but she wrote this while I was working on a video collaboration to help all of you with setting and reaching your goals in a totally exciting and new way! Can't wait to share it with you all!!! 


If you don’t remember Lisa’s post from November 11th, she talked about making goals instead of just having a set of dreams and wishes. As someone who has some lofty goals and dreams of what I want my life to look like, I enjoyed this post. It’s important for us ‘youngins’ to set small goals that all add up to the larger dream.

As I near the end of college, I’ve had to think long and hard about where to go next with my life: ie. what cities would I want to live in, what kind of lifestyle to I want to have, what sort of work environment fits me best, etc and because of that, I’ve come up with certain ‘dreams’ and certain ‘goals’. Ideally, I’d have a lofty income, a vacation home and be able to live in London, but in reality, it takes a lot of work and hustle to get there so I’ve started working on some short and long term goals to get me there.

I find that like life itself, the path and goals necessary to achieve any dream are not always one particular line and instead, ebb and flow with the changing nature of your everyday life.

As we begin a new year, set goals that will help you to achieve those dreams. Maybe it means saving a few extra dollars each paycheck to help with that move or reading more books about the industry you wish to be successful in. Maybe you want to achieve more personally and set goals to be more social. Whatever that goal is, set it now and revisit it every few weeks to see how you stand.

Share your goals and dreams with us below!


New Years Resolutions

Lisa Eberly

Hey team! 

Raise your hand if you made a new years resolution! 

I've done resolutions in the past, and I've skipped them in the past. I’ve stuck to some and not to others. 

I definitely figured out one things for sure: if I’m trying to fulfill a resolution totally solo it ain’t happening. 

This year, P and I are cutting out red meat (due to all the research that came out this fall!). It’ll be super easy and manageable for us, since we really don’t eat red meat anyway. That is, until summer BBQs and family holidays…

We have other resolutions as well. He plans to bake fresh bread regularly (yes please), I plan to carve out more ‘me’ time (aka a few minutes at least every day just for myself, no work or chores), and a few other small things. 

The benefit of tackling resolutions as a team is that we can keep each other accountable. If I see he hasn’t made bread in a few days, I can hint to wanting bread; if he sees I’m working till all hours of the night, he can send me out for a solo walk with my book. 

This is actually one thing I love about my job. I get to help people be more accountable to reach their goals. Pretty dope. I get to help people achieve their resolutions. Best job ever, right? 

I really freaking love what I do, which makes my job the absolute best. Because of this, I created a whole special package for New Years. 


So many people have major resolutions — sleep better, have more energy, complete a triathlon, lose weight, gain muscle, etc — I get to be the person who holds them accountable and makes them more successful. 

I’m basically the fairy godmother of new years resolutions. 

On that note, if you have any sort of health resolution, I have only a couple spots left for my new years resolution package! I guarantee we make your big goals more accessible and reach them together. Act fast, we've only got 2 spots left! :) 

#FutureFriday: Living in the Moment

Lisa Eberly

I am very excited to announce that today is the first installment of a new series for Nourish, entitled Future Friday. Our team has a fabulous member named Arin, who is currently a college student heading toward what we call ‘adulthood.’ As an ‘adult’ myself, I regularly question what being a ‘grown-up’ means and if anyone ever actually feels like they’re an ‘adult.’ I also really feel like someone should teach a class on adulting; and if any of your know of a class like this, where do I sign up? As the very forward-thinking Arin embarks on this journey to adulthood, she’s graciously going to share her thoughts, feelings, advice, and wisdom with us every other Friday...which I think is pretty rad. 


I have always been the type of person to plan ahead, much further than necessary, and at times I forget to simply live in the moment. Maybe it’s just me, but in talking to others it seems as though I’m not the only one. My generation has been told to prepare for success, get ahead, etc, and I think this may be causing us to be so wrapped up in the next step that we forget to just enjoy the step we are on. 

As Eleanor Roosevelt said, “The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” But maybe we don’t need to reach out for newer experiences until we have been satisfied fully with the ones in the present.  

I found studying abroad last year to be my wake up call to just enjoy the moment. I had the opportunity to travel for a month following the program before I had to be back at school and spending bits of time in a handful of new cities, I tried to make the most of each second I had. Sure, I knew that someday I’d head back, but I also knew that the experience would never be quite the same. 

One of my favorite song lyrics is by an artist named Ben Rector and it goes “life is not the mountain tops, it’s the walking in between.” Sure he is talking about a relationship in the song, but that lyric in particular has been posted around my room for a few years and serves as a daily reminder to appreciate what I’m doing that day. Granted I still plan for the future, but I try not to let it consume me. 

I challenge you to spend the next week really living in each moment, the good and the bad, and see what you may have been missing. Simple tip: Just keep your eyes up and pay attention to your surroundings as you drive or walk to work.


Friday the 13th: get that gray cloud outta here

Lisa Eberly

I, for the most part, am a very happy, upbeat person. However, we all have those days where everything is just going wrong. Maybe you slam your head on the refrigerator door, the outfit you wanted to wear is in the laundry, you are all out of eggs, your puppy suddenly forgot she's potty trained, you stubbed your toe while brushing your teeth, and before you've even gotten out of the door you're just like OKAY, TODAY, I'M OVER YOU. 

These days are rare, but I've had a couple of them recently (I think they really increase in frequency when skies are gray, which is daily in Seattle Fall). Case in point: I am usually really good about saving articles while I'm writing them but I was on a roll with today's article and when I was finishing up the last sentence of a GREAT off-the-cuff piece my computer crashed and I lost it ALL. So this is round two. I'm going to need to check a couple things off this list when I'm done writing. *clicks save again for good measure*

Any who, what better day to talk about these sorts of days other than Friday the 13th! Pretty sure today is famous for being just the worst. So, here are my tips for getting through days that are kind of just YUCK, and I've learned from experience they work! If you have any great tips, please share in the comments! Always looking for new ways to brighten up gray days! 

1. Take a lap. Getting outside for a quick walk can seriously do wonders. Taking a deep breath, throwing some earbuds with a great audiobook or jam, and hitting the pavement for a brisk walk around the block can literally change everything. Even if it’s only 10 minutes, getting your blood pumping and that fresh air in your lungs feels soooo good. You might even pass a cute puppy on a walk and I mean you can’t be having a bad day while petting a puppy. 

2. Change your scenery. I work from home, so if I’m having a Friday-the-13th kind of day, I turn things around by getting out of the house and going to a coffee shop. Just changing up your location can really change the mood, and getting in different sights and smells can turn your luck around. 

3. Go workout! I know we hear this all the time: working out boosts mood, working out gives you endorphins, blah blah. It’s true — but let’s be real, it’s SO hard to do when you’re having a day that’s just YUCK. Trust me though, once you’re there and in it, you’ll be so grateful you did. Even just 5 minutes into a workout you’ll be like “Aaaahhhh thank you Lisa!” My favorite workout for these days is yoga because it is also calming and meditative. 

4. Meditate. Meditation is seriously amazing. Whether it’s guided meditation or solo meditation, walking away from meditating really puts things into perspective and makes you feel just on track again. If you’ve never meditated before, try the Headspace app. It’s a great, convenient guided meditation guru. 

5. Eat the damn chocolate. If you’re restricting your diet in any way and are having a rough day, I’m not suggesting you totally gorge and throw your plan and structure out the window, but you should give yourself a small treat and enjoy it mindfully. Chocolate has caffeine in it to boost energy and can give you endorphins so it’s sort of like magic. 

6. Treat yoself. If possible, just walk away from the day for a couple hours. I know this is a luxury, but there was a day that was really a struggle from the get-go for me and you know what I did? I blew it off for two hours. I took a long lunch and quite literally “treated myself.” I got my nails done and did an at-home facial and enjoyed a delicious solo lunch of this amazing pasta that I never eat. I got back to work with a satisfied stomach, pretty nails, and refreshed skin — relaxed and ready to tackle the rest the day had to offer. 

If these don't seem to work, try out my perspective exercise! If you have any other great go-tos, please share them in the comments! :) 

11/11: Don't make a wish.

Lisa Eberly

...or don't. 

So about a year or two ago, someone asked me: If you could have dinner with a famous person, who would it be? 

Naturally I start thinking about the most badass female scientists and leaders I can think of, I ended up listing one of them that was up there on my list.

A few months ago, I found out that person was speaking at a research center I happen to dabble in. Obviously I had to go.

Her lecture was brilliant and so, so interesting. I was talking to a colleague about how nervous I was to introduce myself to her and how much I’ve read her work over the years. They reply: Well, what are you doing tonight? 

“Oh you know, just going to the gym and making dinner.”

Nope. You’re going out to dinner with a famous person.

Turns out, the scientist who was supposed to take her out to dinner was sick. They needed someone to entertain this brilliant woman after her lecture. 

Needless to say, dinner FAR exceeded my expectations. This inspiring scientist was hilarious, approachable, and down right BRILLIANT.

That 4 hour dinner was like a concentrated lesson on life and everything in it. Politics, public health, science, medicine, nutrition, family, her career and future, my career and future…

Every word of of her mouth was totally spontaneous, yet was so full of intelligence, wisdom, and experience that it felt calculated and deliberate. She would say seemingly trivial things that resonated strongly as a straight-up write-this-down life lesson.

Anyway, the topic of goals and ambition came up, of course.

I was talking about how lucky I was to be able to have dinner with her and she quickly shot that down. It wasn’t luck that brought me to that dinner, it was choice.

In life, we make several — and when I say several, mean thousands upon thousands — of choices. Every day. We choose to stay up late and order a pizza. We choose to wake up early and go for a run. We choose to snooze. We choose to stay late after work. We have the opportunity to make a choice at almost any given moment in the day.

Those choices shape our futures. Those choices, one by one, present us with the opportunities we have. Yes, there are several other factors that contribute to opportunity (I would even argue that luck is one of them), however, choice is a significant one.

Achieving what we want out of life is our choice. Reaching your goals is your choice. Being successful at what you do is a choice. My writing a blog post on a Sunday night in the hopes to one day be an advocate for health is my choice.  My waking up in the morning to work on Nourish in the hopes to one day be an influential leader in nutrition is my choice.

Years ago, I chose to stay up late in my dorm room reading about longevity and cancer. I chose to seek out research and scientists doing what I wanted to one day do. I chose to continue research. I chose to have the kinds of conversations in which we think about what kind of famous scientist we would have dinner with. I chose to speak up for myself at the research center I work at, so I would be trusted to converse with such a person. I chose to go to a science lecture for fun. I chose to introduce myself to an infamous role model. I chose to go to dinner.

That dinner didn’t happen out of luck, it happened out of choice.

Well, that’s what she said anyway.

TL;DR? Don’t make wish and hope for them to happen, CHOOSE what you want and CHASE after it like your life depends on it!

How Perspective can Change your Entire Life

Lisa Eberly

Have you ever had those days where you're just like: nope. not today. 

Those days where everything is sort of 'bleh' and you're just not finding your usual happiness in things? 

Then you have those other days, where everything is amazing and beautiful and happy?

Or maybe you usually have those 'bleh' days, but you really wish you were the kind of person who was happy literally all the time? 

I'm a mix. Most of the time I'm really joyful and happy-go-lucky and positive, but I have my days when I'm not. 

Particularly recently, actually, I've had to work extra hard to be my overly cheerful self. Last week I started my own business, moved in with my boyfriend, and got a new baby puppy. All in a span of three days. CRAZY. Needless to say, life has been a little hectic. 

I have been SO stressed about all this -- there's boxes all over my apartment, there's a puppy running the show, there's a mile long list of emails I haven't read yet, for some reason X, Y, and Z aren't working on my site, my Saturday night plans were missed due to falling asleep on the couch at 8, and the majority of my previously romantic conversations with my boyfriend have been regarding our dog's bowel movements and feeding schedule. What happened to my happy-go-lucky, carefree, romantic life of wonder and opportunity and excitement? Wasn't owning my own business and living with the love of my life and an adorable puppy in a big beautiful apartment with a view supposed to be living the dream?!  

I took a step back and looked at my life. I'm such an idiot. 

After a yoga & meditation session I looked at my life again. This time, I shifted my perspective, shook my head, and laughed.  

I. am. so. blessed. 

I have to pick up dog poop 3+ times per day? suddenly became: My dog is healthy. 

There's boxes all over the place! -- We are so lucky to have so many nice things to put in boxes. 

I have 5879378247 emails I haven't replied to yet! -- Wow! People know my business and want to email me! 

I fell asleep on the couch at 8 pm...again. -- Well that's good, I need the energy to work hard tomorrow! 

How are the floors already dirty? -- e have floors to play fetch on and a roof over our heads to keep us safe. 

My boyfriend and I have had more conversations about our dog than anything else this week. -- I'm so lucky to have found someone so caring and able to love and share a little creature with me.

The kitchen is a mess! -- Man, we had so much fun cooking a lovely dinner together last night.  

Perspective is key. You can look as aspects of your life from several different lenses. Sometimes, life can seem pretty dismal (far worse than my trivial problems), but if you try hard enough, you can find the light. If you can't find it, be it. 

So today, take a step back and look at the challenges in your life through a different lens. Share in the comments your old challenge and new perspective, I'd love to get more ideas! :)  

Photos by Mariya Moore