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Future Friday: Lending a Hand

Lisa Eberly

As someone very independent, it took a bit of time before I was comfortable asking others for help and it still is something I don’t always want to do. I find that asking for something can always create some sort of ‘debt’ to the other person and because of that I often get selective with who I will ask for help and how often.

What I’ve learned is that in personal and professional careers, there isn’t much you can achieve without asking for a bit of help. Be it a friend reviewing a resume, a teacher giving advice on a career or a parent calming you down when you attempt to fit in too many social and professional events.

The other piece of asking for help, however, is being open to sharing information. I’m not talking about spilling the beans on a nondisclosure, but I am talking about helping out those who might be looking to follow in your footsteps. I think a big part of growing up is just being comfortable with sharing tips or being open to helping someone else out in their career. Sure, they may get a job that you thought you should have, but if they got it then something stood out on their resume or in their interview.

I personally would be nowhere if it wasn’t for a Oscars length list of people who have spent time talking to me and showing me the ropes of an industry I want to get into. My tidbit of advice for you, is to seek out people in positions you want to be in on LinkedIn and just send an email. Ask for a few minutes on the phone to pick their brain and be prepared with questions. You’d be surprised at how much you can learn just speaking to someone who is in the industry and even more surprised at how willing people are to help you out.