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#FutureFriday: Goals & Dreams

Lisa Eberly


New year, new editions of Future Friday! Future Friday is the insightful and intelligent ramblings of Arin, one of Nourish’s esteemed team members. To read the first Future Friday, click here.

PS - Arin didn't even know this, but she wrote this while I was working on a video collaboration to help all of you with setting and reaching your goals in a totally exciting and new way! Can't wait to share it with you all!!! 


If you don’t remember Lisa’s post from November 11th, she talked about making goals instead of just having a set of dreams and wishes. As someone who has some lofty goals and dreams of what I want my life to look like, I enjoyed this post. It’s important for us ‘youngins’ to set small goals that all add up to the larger dream.

As I near the end of college, I’ve had to think long and hard about where to go next with my life: ie. what cities would I want to live in, what kind of lifestyle to I want to have, what sort of work environment fits me best, etc and because of that, I’ve come up with certain ‘dreams’ and certain ‘goals’. Ideally, I’d have a lofty income, a vacation home and be able to live in London, but in reality, it takes a lot of work and hustle to get there so I’ve started working on some short and long term goals to get me there.

I find that like life itself, the path and goals necessary to achieve any dream are not always one particular line and instead, ebb and flow with the changing nature of your everyday life.

As we begin a new year, set goals that will help you to achieve those dreams. Maybe it means saving a few extra dollars each paycheck to help with that move or reading more books about the industry you wish to be successful in. Maybe you want to achieve more personally and set goals to be more social. Whatever that goal is, set it now and revisit it every few weeks to see how you stand.

Share your goals and dreams with us below!